Artis Marcellino Lefrandt dan Dewi Rezer Cerai

Actor artist Dewi Rezer reluctant to reveal the trigger himself sued for divorce her husband, Marcellino Lefrandt, to the South Jakarta District Court. Starting from the news constantly bickering with her husband to a third party, Goddess declined to comment on the slanted news. Similarly, the other rumor that mentions that economic factors has led to the breakdown of household ark Dewi and Marcellino. "I do not know," Dewi said as he left after the inaugural session of the divorce, in the South Jakarta District Court (PN South Jakarta), Ampera Raya, Thursday (07/04/2016). Dewi was again reluctant to give a definitive answer when he mentioned about the economic problems. This time, he asserted, with all the problems that occurred in the household is the personal problems with her husband. "If permasalahannnya let us know," said Dewi, who then rushed into her car. The initial divorce hearing this afternoon was postponed until next week, namely 14 April 2016, as Marcellino not present. Reported earlier, Goddard sued Marcellino to the South Jakarta District Court on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 with the case number 125 / Pdt.6 / 2016 / PN.JKT.Sel. Dewi sued her husband for divorce on the grounds had a quarrel constantly in their household. "The contents of the lawsuit essentially had no match. That is to squabble continuous," said Made Sutrisna, PR representative of South Jakarta District
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Ayah Ariel Noah Meninggal Dunia

Ariel's father "NOAH", Nazmul Irphan bin Mohammed Saleh, died at Adventist Hospital, Bandung, about 13:00 pm, Tuesday (03/29/2016). The deceased died at the age of 65 years. Earlier, Nazmul been hospitalized since March 5, 2016. Yellow flag seemed to have been installed at the funeral home, Tanjungsari Jalan Raya, Antapani, Bandung. The family has also installed a tent in the yard two-story house. A number of relatives, friends and acquaintances began coming to the cream-colored house. One of them, Andika, former Peterpan keyboard player, who came out and formed the band The Titans along with Indra, the former bass player Peter. "I can hear from Reza (former drummer Peter Frampton and NOAH), we make a pact here," said Andika, who came with Indra. He said, currently awaiting Ariel families who at the time was in Malang in order NOAH #BangkitUntukSatu appear in concert at Lapangan Rampal, Malang, East Java, on Wednesday (03.30.16) at 19.00. "Just now got word he was in Jalan Pasteur (Bandung). He flew from Malang to Jakarta earlier," said Andika.
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Foto Irwan Yusuf Ayahhanda Marshanda Seorang Pengemis

South Jakarta Sub Department for Social catch a beggar on Jalan Bangka, Mampang, South Jakarta. When taken to the Office of the South Jakarta Sudinsos, the man claiming to be the father artist named Marshanda, namely Irwan Yusuf. "Service Officers Supervision and Control of Social (P3S) to reach the man who was begging in the Pacific. He was admitted as a parent of Marshanda. He was then taken to the Social Institution Bina Insan (PSBI), cipayung," said Head of Social Service South Jakarta Mursidin when contacted by reporters, Sunday (03/27/2016). Mursidin explained, the officer did not believe it was simply beggars description. However, to the people of Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta confirms precisely the beggar. Local residents call the unknown beggar named Irwan it is the parent of artists known as the Chaca. "Based on the recognition Islands community, if it is true parents Marshanda. Chances are true," he explained. Mursidin added, the man who called himself Irwan Yusuf admitted that his business failed when questioned by officers. He then worked in the garage area of ​​Bangka. Only income is not sufficient. Thus, Irwan desperate begging on the highway. "The word is concerned that people are begging in the know. He is now brought to PSBI," he concluded.
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Mey Chan Resmi Jadi Warga Negara Singapura

Rarely heard Mey Chan is a duet of Maia Estianty singer has turned out to live in Singapore, though still a career in Indonesia. Just today (03/21/2016) Mey chan has posted Identity Card (Republic Of Singapure) and he gave the caption "Done". Photos posted Singapure Republic Of Mey Chan is certainly horrendous netizens including Crossbreed directly asking truth to Mey Chan in coment instgram, "Woii, nangdi awakmuu ae ?? TAHES right? (Where have you been ?? Healthy right ??) "asked Yuni shara in coment Instagram. "Sing stayed at ya, but work remains to Jakarta," Mey Chan coment Reply to Yuni shara. since a photo ID singapore he exhibited in Instagramnya, many netizens were surprised by statment Mey Chan who confirmed that he is living in the lion country. Not yet known what exactly the reason Mey Chan now prefer to stay in Singapore, to have ID cards Singapore (Republic Of Singapure), and whether Mey Chan will settle permanently in Singapore or just be temporary.
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Pose Revi Mariska

Mariska Revi name suddenly became a byword public homeland. Not without reason, it was all because the player is suddenly Angling Darma often upload photos and videos of hot flirting in Instagramnya account. Revi still a mystery why such desperate action. However, in line with the various rumors and assumptions emerged that allegedly triggered the change in Revi become more daring to spit her beauty. Of all the rumors emerged, Revi allegedly changed because he left the marriage by Temmy Rihadi. Revi allegedly heartbroken that he was stressed and disoriented. Feeling cornered one of his artists, the production house that houses Revi, Genta Buana Paramita go to vote. Through his Twitter account, Genta Buana Paramita denied if Revi so crazy after left Temmy.
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Model Rambut Plontos Bella Graceva Amanda Putri

Bella Graceva Amanda Putri name is not so well known in the entertainment world country. However, he got a chance to be the main actor in the film The Fabulous Udin. A girl known as GAP's Bella wants to act with total cut his hair shaved. After being cleared, he posted a picture on his personal Instagram account. "Whooops no hair," wrote Bella GAP as the photo caption. Bella's action also received various compliments from fans. They salute the totality of Bella in the play Suri, smart woman but people with brain cancer. Servia was filming a new production to start next week, but the 15-year-old artist has been gunduli, Friday (03/11/2016). Previously, Bella GAP was joined by three of his friends in singing. Following from girlband Winxs, he was busy playing a soap opera titles. Emergence in the world of acting as the new star of the period with Casandra Lee.   The Fabulous Udin movie based on a novel of the same title. The scenario was written by Cassandra Massardi. The film will be screened simultaneously in theaters country in May 2016.
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Kasus Zaskia Gotik Menghina Lambang Negara

Netizen middle shocked by the act Zaskia Gothic. Because the dangdut singer and rocking duck owner has made a joke that many people deemed to have insulted the country of Indonesia. On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, in a television show, Zaskia Gothic appeared as performers. When interviewed by the presenter, namely Denny Wahyudi, Gothic give the answer that makes people shake their heads. Zaskia Gothic answered the proclamation of Indonesia falls on 32 August, and called the five precepts of Pancasila is the epitome of a duck nungging. No doubt the community was reacting to the words of the Gothic style. Recognizing the offense, Zaskia Gothic was an apology. "Neng here want to clarify and want to apologize. Neng did not have any intention to insult," said Zaskia Gothic told reporters in Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday, March 16, 2016. One Hour Only singer acknowledges his mistake and promised not to commit the same mistake. "We are sorry dibukaan door as wide as possible," said Zaskia Gothic further.
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