Foto Pernikahan Dahlia Poland dan Fandy Christian

Poland Dahlia makes fans wonder after uploading photographs of the wedding dress together with her boyfriend, Christian Fandy in Instagramnya a few hours ago on Friday (11/27/2015). Poland Dahlia photo it looked so intimate like a lover married couples.Answer the curiosity that, Dahlia Poland write photo captions clearly in Instagram. He is calling Fandy no longer as a lover, but a husband. "We have to make it happenfandych, we plan a year ago and just happened. I'm very proud, proud to be someone who will be with you forever and I will be very happy to call you my husband # 24nov," Thea actor wrote in Gant Gant Wolves (GGS) in black and white Inggris.Foto language showed Dahlia Poland Fandy holding the waist, while his other hand clutching the hands of the woman who is now his wife. Another affirmation of Dahlia written via Twitter today. There are also other photos Dahlia and Fandy are about to kiss, they wore wedding dresses and suits. "I'm very lucky to have # 24nov," writes Dahlia as implying that date as the day of the inauguration of the marriage because of repetitive writing. As for the wedding location Dahlia and Fandy, known on account of their photographers, namely Villa Istana Bunga, Bandung.18-year-old woman wrote his conversation with fans on the site Dahlia confirmed her marriage. "Kak kok ga illegitimate in public? Wanting sacred and true want aja family together," writes Dahlia via Twitter by including the link Dahlia intimate photos also appear on Instagram account of the wedding photographer. Appears some wedding scene Dahlia Poland and Fandy. There is also a photo of Dahlia Poland while makeup before the wedding feast.
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Pacar Baru Ello Aurelie Moeremans

Aurelie Moeremans artist and singer Marcello Tahitoe alias Ello now reportedly in a relationship. The news they were boyfriend more blows when Aurelie not hesitate to post photographs of her together with the long-haired singer. When found in a gala premiere of her latest film 'Badoet', in the XXI Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday (11/09/2015) night, Aurelie reluctant to confirm the news affair with Marcello. "I want to answer questions guns out about the film. Because it right out of it had been given out, only discusses about movie, "said Aurelie smiling, and choose to answer questions about his latest film. Unknown, Aurelie been undergoing households with Roby Tremonti on 10th October 2011. At that time Aurelie very young age, ie 18 years. Marriage without the consent of a parent Aurelie was finally foundered. Suddenly Auerelie issued pouring her heart on a Facebook account at the end of 2013 and explains his marriage with Roby because it was forced by her partner. Meanwhile, the singer 'Tuk Go Back' is known to have time to establish courtship with some beautiful celebrities, among them Julie Estelle, a sitcom actress 'neighbor my idol' Firrina Sinatrya, and Ariel Tatum.
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Film Power Rangers Rilis Tanggal 13 Januari 2017

Film project 'Power Rangers' developed Lionsgate is almost ready for production with the announcement of the cast of the Yellow Ranger. Becky G is the star of FOX 'Empire' was officially announced as the character actor. Becky joined the cast of a row of other previously announced. There Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger who has the power of Tyrannosaurus, Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, which uses the power of Pterodactyl, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger with Mastodon and RJ Cyler strength as the Blue Ranger who received the power of Triceratops. Previous rumors that the four teens will play a new character in the film. But the rumor was immediately denied Saban. "IT'S TIME morphine, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Billy and Trini! #PowerRangersMovie, Coming in 2017!" Saban wrote on their Twitter account. Directed by Dean Israelite, the film 'Power Rangers' will be broadcast to theaters on January 13, 2017. The story raised a group of young people who received the awesome strength, and be protective earth from alien attack.
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Chelsea Olivia & Glenn Menikah 1 Oktober

Chelsea celebrity couples Olivia (23) and Glenn Alienski (26) will be married in early October. Ahead of the happy day, they made a short film journey love. "Actually, look, I equally Glenn loves to express visually. If my friends see on Instagram me loads of my photos. Photo pre-wedding course in my opinion not enough. We finally felt looking for something nice to make something different , "Chelsea said when met at the Dancing Crab, Epicentrum Walk, Sunday (6/9). The short film was made based on the story of Chelsea and Glenn relationship for 8 years. They used the original footage, accompanied by music and plot. In addition as documentation for personal and their descendants later, Chelsea and Glenn wanted to inspire his fans. Chelsea and Glenn wanted to show that their relationships are not perfect and full of obstacles, but remain strong until finally stepped up to the gates of marriage. "We also partner is normal and there is also a downside. Never undergoing LDR, ever thought would go or not. Just like other couples out there, let alone the age we are still young. Our goal through this video humbly to give inspiration to many people despite undergoing LDR was still able to connect anyway, "said Chelsea. Chelsea and Glenn were moncer through the soap opera 'Nayla's Diary' was to be married on October 1 next, followed by a reception two days later. In the
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Tyas Mirasih Terlibat Mucikari dengan RA

Mirasih Tyas artist's name listed in the indictment the prosecutor in the case Robby Obie alias Abbas alias RA, which is charged with running prostitution. Besides Tyas, indictment also mentions the name of the other artists, namely Shinta Bachir.Two of the artist's name appeared on the sidelines of the trial continued presenting cases immoral Robby as a defendant in the District Court of South Jakarta, Wednesday (09/02/2015). "The trial is still presenting witnesses from the prosecutor," said Pieter Ell, attorney Robby, yesterday.Indictment received from Pieter, clearly visible Tyas name and Shinta who claim to know Robby in 2008. They are two of the three artists as witnesses in the case. "There are three artist name. I can not read it, please read for yourself. This version of the BAP yes," said Pieter while showing file. He said he did not know the time of the examination for the third artist in the trial. The lawyer was also named artist initials AA. "On the docket of witnesses, TM, SB, and AA will be called," said Pieter artists who are reluctant to call the initials AA."It's the name of the artist that should be presented by the prosecutor in the trial of Robby. This comes from the docket of the Indonesian National Police tablets, legitimate," says Pieter. He hoped that all three of these artists appeared in court to testify in front of the judges.In the indictment, the name written Mirasih Mirasih Tyas Tyas Endah who was born in Jakarta, 8 April 1987.In the description of one of the witnesses in the indictment the prosecutor who brought Pieter, among others written, "When the police custody on May 8, 2015 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel room together Robby Abbas Br, I use a mobile phone type of iPhone 5S 087878768xxx gold color with numbers." The next explanation, "A screen capture shown investigators to me is my conversation with Mr. Robby Abbas on May 8, 2015 via BBM."The next item contains explanations Tyas and Shinta regarding introductions with Robby. According to Pieter, both celebrities denied involvement in the case. They refused associated with prostitution managed Robby."So in the trial will be seen, who was involved. Evidence that belong also to be caught," said Pieter.
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Perseteruan Charly dan Regina Semakin Memanas

The destruction of household musician Charly Van Houten with Regina Irawan is predicted due to the third party. Rebecca name appears Regina Maria Tedja or Rere blamed for the destruction of domestic third-Regina Charlie. Women born May 30, 1991 Cirebon it admits that if he had wanted to marry by Charlie. "If you want to marry me must be authorized first," said Rere, when found in the Captain Tendean, South Jakarta, Monday (08/31/2015). Rere willing to co-wife because the yield saw Charly sacrifice for this. According to him, the sacrifice implied seriousness Charly to fight for love. "Yes, because I saw the sacrifice. The sacrifice of many wealthy he asked permission to Regina and kekeluarga me, I see a serious meaning," he concluded. Initially, Rere know Charly because the management at the Prince of Love Management in 2013. Rere had made two songs by the band's frontman Faithful.
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Aktris Cantik Jung In Ah Meninggal Dunia

Actresses and beautiful models, Jung Ah In was found dead after reported missing for three days when doing skydiving. After searching since 13 June, the rescue team managed to find the bodies Jung Ah In that lifeless. 
Police revealed that the actress's death was purely an accident because it failed to land. Allegedly parachute did not inflate Ah Jung In perfect and the weather at the time was being bad. 

After being reported missing June 13, the police suspect that he failed to land because the parachute does not work properly. Plus more in the disappearance of the actress bad weather is sweeping Korea. The actress who began her career as a model was previously often provide updates to fans on his skydiving exercise it. But unlucky, he did training last weekend turned out to be the last for Jung Ah In.
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