Aktris Cantik Jung In Ah Meninggal Dunia

Actresses and beautiful models, Jung Ah In was found dead after reported missing for three days when doing skydiving. After searching since 13 June, the rescue team managed to find the bodies Jung Ah In that lifeless. 
Police revealed that the actress's death was purely an accident because it failed to land. Allegedly parachute did not inflate Ah Jung In perfect and the weather at the time was being bad. 

After being reported missing June 13, the police suspect that he failed to land because the parachute does not work properly. Plus more in the disappearance of the actress bad weather is sweeping Korea. The actress who began her career as a model was previously often provide updates to fans on his skydiving exercise it. But unlucky, he did training last weekend turned out to be the last for Jung Ah In.
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Iko Uwais Pemeran Film Spiderman

Arriving back at the movie Spiderman Marvel Studios company once controlled by the company Sony Pictures, indeed many fundamental changes in the franchise issue (franchise) Spiderman superhero movie. The movie spider man who is very famous with the white nets have reportedly moves will start with the beginning of the latest result of the main actor Andrew Garfield already will no longer be a character actor Spidey.

Online Empire spread if the latest sequel of Spiderman present in the shade of the company Marvel is reportedly about to be released about the upcoming July 28, 2017, will be more highlight the problems of human life from the spider in adulthood.

Media First Showing said, in it for the candidates of the major players Spiderman turns out there name Iko Uwais. are included in one of the candidate list of the actors cast Spiderman. The reason for Iko Uwais does have a powerful ability to issue bergennre action films that have made a name Iko Uwais deserve to be the main character of Spiderman.

"Uwais very charismatic. Problem problems appearances little geek He also has the aura of a super hero. He also is able to act comedy, drama, especially if the acting game, he masters. If indeed Iko Uwais in her costume Spiderman certainly cool and very enthusiastic. He may be old, now 32 years old, but still looks young still also very suitable if it becomes cast Spidermant, "Anderton wrote in an editorial review in the magazine First Showing.
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Kemesraan Ayu Ting Ting dan Shaheer Sheikh

Proximity Ayu Ting Ting and Shaheer Sheikh increasingly become. In fact, they are no longer awkward to pose with and to each other. False address this singer seems to have started to open her heart to him. Ayu was said to have a relationship with actor of Indian origin, Shaheer Sheikh. Both compact upload photos of their closeness. Both show a happy face. Ayu Ting Ting and Shaheer Sheikh was a compact of mutual sticking his tongue, and their eyes toward the camera, giving a smile. This picture was uploaded by both the Instagram respectively. But so far, both Ayu and Shaheer still silent with the news. However, togetherness photo Ayu Ting Ting and Shaheer Sheikh was not the first. Previously they often exhibit proximity via Instagram account respectively. Ayu Ting Ting is now a widow after her divorce from Enji.
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Foto Hot Chelsea dan Glen

Ahead of the wedding, the couple Chelsea Olivia and Glenn Alinskie perform pre-wedding photo session. He cried, in one of the photos, it appears that Glenn and Chelsea looks like a jar or without clothes. In the concept of black and white photos, both are seen seem intimate. Chelsea also admitted if he really liked the part in this photo. "This is one of my fav shot !!! Thank you guys," he wrote in an instagram account chelseaoliviaaChelsea really want to show how it's done shooting session. In an account that also Chelsea upload instagramnya behind shooting. "To be honest, I fell in love with this man over and over again. Thank you always making me smile baby," wrote Chelsea on Instagram account. However, with oblique comments addressed to him, Chelsea was evasive when she posed jar. Chelsea and Glenn planned to be married this year. The love story of the two is fairly durable after serving seven years of courtship.
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Kasus Pernikahan Asmirandah dan Rivano Jonas

Asmirandah lovers and Rivano Jonas is rumored to have married . But yesterday the mother had just given the news that the new Andah Rivano will marry in January 2014.But , in the infotainment ! Nsert , Tuesday ( 29/10/2013 ) morning , both said to have tied the knot as lively - as dead . It was revealed from a staff in KUA Beji , Depok , H. Sobari who claimed they had been married . Islam is Asmirandah home in Depok , Thursday, October 17, 2013 , at ten , "said Sobari . Disclosed , Asmirandah registered the marriage to KUA , accompanied by his biological father . Because his father came from Holland , Asmirandah also must include a statement from the embassy Belanda.Yang father was equally Asmirandah list .Complete his letters , he had permission from the embassy , "said Sobari .In the wedding that the judge is acting as trustee KUA Head Beji , H. Misro . In the show , Sobari also said that on October 17 it was just a marriage ceremony and was attended by family only.
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Foto Penampakan Malaikat Saat Uje Dakwah

Community shocked by the re appearance of photo when the white -robed figure Ustad Jefri Al Buchori preaching . There is mention that the white robed figure is an angel .The photo was taken while Uje , so usually Ustad Jefri Al Buchori addressed , middle tausiah in 2010 .

 In the photo there is a figure in white robes surrounded by white light . The figure was seen standing in the middle of the congregation . The photos reportedly taken by a pilgrim who listened the lecture Uje . The photo has now spread to the community , including some friends Uje .Many are convinced that the glowing white -robed figure is an angel sightings are witnessing Uje preaching .

 Before this could also circulated photo of clouds that form a figure praying . Reportedly cloud appeared in the sky to pray during the funeral Uje . The photo was also reached other hand Dian Pipik Irawati , Uje wife .But not for some time , there are actually admitted that the photo had appeared long before Uje buried
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Foto Dedy Corbuzer Cium Vicky Shu

Deddy Corbuzier kissed Vicky Shu appeared in a video on Youtube. Vicky apparently never thought a widower with one child it will do so. Said the singer of the song 'Let Love 2' was when met at Bebe fashion show at the Dragonfly, Jakarta, When asked about the status of the relationship with Deddy, Vicky was reluctant to answer. He only admitted quite close to Deddy. I'm wingchun together, learn together  OCD also Deddy, "than the word video entitled 'Kiss & Deddy Corbuzier Hit Vicky Shu' is, Deddy make magic with volunteer involving Vicky as a hit-and-run victim. Singer Cilacap itself did not seem uncomfortable when Deddy planted a kiss on his cheek. Vicky looked comfortable dikecup mentalist was identical in all black.
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