Pernikahan Mahfudz Siddiq dan Agatha Lily

Users of social media amid excited talk about a photograph circulating in cyberspace. In the photos it looks politician Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), Mahfudz Siddiq, took a former member of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), Agatha Lily. Netizens call that is Mahfouz wedding photos with Agatha. The news circulating mention their wedding was held at a luxury hotel in South Jakarta.In the photos it looks Mahfouz wearing a white shirt covered with black suits, and hats. Meanwhile, Agatha wearing dresses all in white. They were accompanied by a number of people, who lined up on the right and left. At the rear there is a white upholstered seating with flower arrangements in tow. Similar to the aisle, with a backdrop of brown color. If this photo is really a marriage Mahfouz with Agatha, then this becomes the third marriage for Mahfouz, and a first for Agatha.
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Susi Istri Tukul Arwana Meniggal Dunia

Comedian Tukul Arwana wife reportedly died today, Tuesday (23/08/2016). According to the news, Susiana, known by his stage name Susi Similikiti, breathed his last at the hospital Brawijaya, South Jakarta. This unexpected news directly busy talking on medsos. Netizens also stated his condolence to the hammer Arwana the departure of his wife. One condolences came from official accounts Net TV network. "Also mourning over the death of the wife of comedian Tukul Arwana, good deeds he was accepted by Allah SWT, amen .." wrote @netmediatama (08/23/2016). Through his Twitter account, host Maman Suherman menngungkapkan hammer Arwana possibility that his wife died of asthma suffered. "Reportedly asthma," wrote Maman Suherman answered questions from Tika Panggabean. The late Hj. Susiana alias Susi Similikiti planned to be buried at the funeral home Jl H. Jian, Cipete, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Susi Similikiti original name Susiana left her husband, Tukul RJ (Tukul Arwana) and two children namely Eka Novita Top Jovan Afriana and Revelation. Goodbye Susi!
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Alexandra Gottardo Jadi Wanita Simpanan

Alexandra Gottardo has just given birth to her first child. But, it did not take long for him to re-appear in a film.Alex is now back starred in the drama "Pinky Promise 'by Guntur Suharjanto. In the film, he plays a Baby. "She was a mistress of Java to Jakarta, wants to find his fortune. Luck but how wrong, short-time way to mendompleng Om-om married, as long as the rich paste," he said when met at Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta, Friday (19/8 / 2016).He tells the little challenges that acquired during the filming process. According to him, there are some things it does to learn to portray the figure of the Baby. "It's hard to really initially awkward because the opposite. I'm two weeks of observation, but nothing helped so rilesk. Initial filming was stiff with makeup porous, sexy clothes and gesture like a mistress. It was a little uncomfortable, but on the first day alone," story. While the director, the film tells the story of Thunder is a portrait of real life in Jakarta. All the artists involved are also considered very representative of social life is happening right now. "They met because they have the same background, cancer. The film is not just a friendship but a lot of things that can be captured from each character," he said.
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Pernikahan Samuel Zylgwyn dan Franda Di Bali

Happiness middle enveloped Samuel Zylgwyn, Franda and family. The reason, they have officially tied the knot sacred marriage on Monday (08/08/2016), which was held in Bali, Bali. This news once answered the riddle date of their marriage. Earlier, the pair is reluctant to tell him when it will actually take place bahagi moment. Samuel and Franda also distributed a series of moments that have been immortalized by uploading them through personal Instagram account. Smile and happy expression clearly etched on their fair and family. However interesting when looking at a photograph uploaded Franda. The photo shows him and Samuel flanked by two parents each unique masing.Pose happy family being formed two fingers depicting two figures. Then, Franda also asserted in the column remarks, 'when two become one'. When two love hearts and families finally united in her love. Similarly, the marriage uniting Samuel Zylgwyn, Franda as well as their extended family.
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Larissa Chou Resmi Istri Muhammad Alvin Faiz

Alvin Muhammad Faiz, the first son of KH Muhammad Arifin Ilham married with Larissa Chou. The ceremony took place after the dawn prayer, Saturday (06/08/2016) at Masjid Az-Zikra, Sentul, Bogor, West Java. The process towards marriage Alvin who were aged 17 years with Larissa is somewhat unique. According to Muhammad Jibriel Abdul Rahman, the founder Arrahmah media who were present when the marriage ceremony, noted that the previously Larissa are Christians. "It was Alvin engaging in a debate with ethnic Chinese that Larissa was a matter of Islam-Christian. Larissa lost the debate. Finally decided to embrace Islam. Not only that, his family including his father Rudi Gunawan also decided to convert to Islam, "said Jibriel to Voa-Islam, on Saturday (06/08/2016) morning. Process-Larissa Alvin ceremony was attended by thousands of pilgrims, scholars, and leaders. KH Didin Hafidhuddin give sermons marriage. While KH Abdul Rashid Abdullah Shafi'i as a witness. "Kiai said Didier joked after dawn ceremony is the first in the world. Yes may be inserted MURI record, "says Jibriel. Alvin with Larissa's wedding, obviously Jibriel, provide lessons for the young people of Islam who procrastinate to get married. "For those who are still single, it should be ashamed of Alvin and Larissa were 17 years old had dared to take the opportunity to foster home," said Jibriel
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Foto Celine Evangelista Menikah Bacil ( Intan )

Wedding same type is already legal in America. But as is known, it is still a debate many people. In Indonesia alone, same-sex marriage is regarded as something very taboo and highly contested. Well, recently widely heard the news if Celine Evangelista has made same-sex marriage in the United States last year. Issues that blow, ex Dirly Idol was married to someone from the management team Rossa named Bacil (Intan). Interestingly again, the mother of Celine, Nurul Vincentia recently confirm if the issue was indeed true. He even called if the status of Celine and Intan, which until now was still married. "Still (legally married). There (American) they marry a Catholic," said Nurul when contacted members of the media on Monday (18/7). As is known, Celine did not ever uploaded a photo of himself with Bacil. Because of that, there are issues which blows if they are now divorced. So, what did his mother about it? "Not just Catholics, all religions are not allowed to divorce," he concluded.
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Grup Band Kangen Kembali Lagi Tanpa Dodhy

Kangen Band music group is rumored to be re-enliven the country music industry. Although it does not change the composition of its personnel, the band fronted by vocalist, Andhika will not be strengthened by Dodhy who choose to pursue a solo career. When asked about the decision Dodhy, personnel Kangen Band reluctant to give any reason. Andhika representing his colleagues said that they simply chose to respect and support the path taken by Dodhy today. "We always support. Dodhy own doubts, we've been together. Now we pray for each other and support each other," explained Andhika to the media on June 16, 2016 ago. For Andhika Kangen Band personnel and others, gathering them back into the band that had soared by single titled Doi is like a mate who has been appointed by God. For him, Kangen Band that they form a few years ago has been like home gathering place for the personnel who previously had "migrated" seek his fortune. "It's a mate anyway. We want to rebel like what if God had planned, what can we do, just run it. Basically, where the traveler wants, if there is no direction, so we like to learn," he concluded.
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