Kasus Pernikahan Asmirandah dan Rivano Jonas

Asmirandah lovers and Rivano Jonas is rumored to have married . But yesterday the mother had just given the news that the new Andah Rivano will marry in January 2014.But , in the infotainment ! Nsert , Tuesday ( 29/10/2013 ) morning , both said to have tied the knot as lively - as dead . It was revealed from a staff in KUA Beji , Depok , H. Sobari who claimed they had been married . Islam is Asmirandah home in Depok , Thursday, October 17, 2013 , at ten , "said Sobari . Disclosed , Asmirandah registered the marriage to KUA , accompanied by his biological father . Because his father came from Holland , Asmirandah also must include a statement from the embassy Belanda.Yang father was equally Asmirandah list .Complete his letters , he had permission from the embassy , "said Sobari .In the wedding that the judge is acting as trustee KUA Head Beji , H. Misro . In the show , Sobari also said that on October 17 it was just a marriage ceremony and was attended by family only.
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Foto Penampakan Malaikat Saat Uje Dakwah

Community shocked by the re appearance of photo when the white -robed figure Ustad Jefri Al Buchori preaching . There is mention that the white robed figure is an angel .The photo was taken while Uje , so usually Ustad Jefri Al Buchori addressed , middle tausiah in 2010 .

 In the photo there is a figure in white robes surrounded by white light . The figure was seen standing in the middle of the congregation . The photos reportedly taken by a pilgrim who listened the lecture Uje . The photo has now spread to the community , including some friends Uje .Many are convinced that the glowing white -robed figure is an angel sightings are witnessing Uje preaching .

 Before this could also circulated photo of clouds that form a figure praying . Reportedly cloud appeared in the sky to pray during the funeral Uje . The photo was also reached other hand Dian Pipik Irawati , Uje wife .But not for some time , there are actually admitted that the photo had appeared long before Uje buried
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Foto Dedy Corbuzer Cium Vicky Shu

Deddy Corbuzier kissed Vicky Shu appeared in a video on Youtube. Vicky apparently never thought a widower with one child it will do so. Said the singer of the song 'Let Love 2' was when met at Bebe fashion show at the Dragonfly, Jakarta, When asked about the status of the relationship with Deddy, Vicky was reluctant to answer. He only admitted quite close to Deddy. I'm wingchun together, learn together  OCD also Deddy, "than the word video entitled 'Kiss & Deddy Corbuzier Hit Vicky Shu' is, Deddy make magic with volunteer involving Vicky as a hit-and-run victim. Singer Cilacap itself did not seem uncomfortable when Deddy planted a kiss on his cheek. Vicky looked comfortable dikecup mentalist was identical in all black.
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Ibunda Deswita Maharani Meninggal Dunia

As a newcomer actress, Amelia Alfiani feel lucky. Movie stars 'Island of Ghosts 3' confessed his career in the film world country run smoothly thanks to the courage plays a sensual roles.Amelia felt easy when you play a sexy and naughty roles in films. Women born in Sukabumi, West Java, was admitted July 28, 1992 had no significant obstacles while starring in the 'Island of Ghosts 3'.

"I think it's easier just to play a woman sexy and mischievous than others, "I'm sexy, so more can feel it and not have to made-up again," he continued confidently.As is known, the film director Jose Purnomo it was packed like most horror comedy film currently available. Sensuality of women and the bed scene is still a mainstay and Decoy people to watch.

Owner high and weighs 45kg 167 it should not feel uncomfortable when wearing sexy clothing in the film. Because he was used because earlier she had worked as a photo model adult men's magazine."It started me from the photo model adult magazine until now. So wear a bikini so familiar for me anyway. " he said with a smile.
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Foto Syur Scarlett Johansson-Justin Timberlake

Scarlett Johansson seemed nonchalant nude photo circulating on the Internet. The Black Dahlia movie star was partying with Justin Timberlake who co snagged Hollywood piracy exciting photos.Two celebrities who work together in a video clip What Goes Around it comes to a party in New York yesterday. Scarlett own nude photos leaked on the internet since last Wednesday, September 14.

They danced and talked all night as had been friends a long time. People are surprised when she appeared with Justin, but they look like each other, an eyewitness was quoted as saying Aceshowbiz,

Even so, Justin and Scarlett seemed to just close friends. "You could say they're two great friends. They only consider the relationship as a friendship," he said.Scarlett nude photos leaked on the internet hackers hijack-induced cellular phone. Not long ago, Mila Kunis turn exciting photos that leaked on the internet. Mila Kunis cell phones that come dragging the name of Justin Timberlake.

Because the hijackers claimed to have seen an sms cordial between the artists who play together in the film's Friend With Benefits. In addition, Justin is also referred to his penis send images to mobile phones owned by Mila
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Foto Hot Demi Moore

Although already 48 years old, Demi Moore is not shy showing off her body. Ashton Kutcher's wife is showing semi-nude photos in your account indicates Twitter.Foto Moore poses from the waist up. In the photograph Moore looks back with no shirt. He took these pictures on Thursday night, September 8, 2011 in her bathroom wearing only a black-rimmed glasses. This is not the first time brunette is showing a controversial photo via Twitter. The former wife of Bruce Willis was once showcased photos wearing only a bikini.

Previously, the husband of Moore, Kutcher, campaigned for the show Two and a Half Men with the theme "All Will Be Revealed". In that campaign, 33-year-old actor appeared naked. In the sitcom Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen. Photo Kutcher replaces section on social networking Twitter does not seem to be a problem for Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher's wife just upload new photo in Twitter account yesterday.

The photos were taken from the front of the mirror in the bathroom. From the back of the mirror looks Demi Moore's body. Along with the photo, star of "The Joneses" was also written remember.you 've got your own back ". As quoted from page Aceshowbiz, the photo was immediately received responses from followers (followers) in Twitter that number close to four million .
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Foto Pernikahan Aliya Rajasa Mampang di Istana

Photo of Aliya Rajasa which is a daughter of the Chairman of the PAN Hatta Rajasa looks on display in the compound of the Presidential Palace Jakarta, where everyday President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) office.

Aliya photo appeared in casual clothes with Annisa Pohan. Where Annisa Pohan-law, also known as the wife of President Yudhoyono's first son, Agus Yudhoyono Harimurti.
Aliya will marry the son of President Yudhoyono aka Edhie Baskoro Ibas Yudhoyono in November 2011. When the exact date yet to be announced.

The second engagement bride has made ​​26 April 2011 and then in residence in the area of ​​Hatta Rajasa Fatmawati Jakarta. "November, Insha Allah (married)," said presidential spokesman, Julian Aldrian Pasha complex in the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on ini.Weding Aliya and Ibas will held in two locations namely at the Palace Cipanas and in Jakarta.

What kind of process it is weddings, Julian reluctant to say. "Will there be an explanation from the chief organizer of marriageHatta Rajasa when confirmed about his daughter's wedding plans are in the Presidential Palace complex reluctant to say. He just smiled and walked away leaving the reporter.
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