Foto Tina Toon with D'Girls

Tina Toon released his first vocal group, with Tina D'Girls. Tina admitted his group to follow the trend of music that is now dominated by Korean and Japanese Band.

Girls Tina D'this with the actual film project for a soundtrack. So these preparations are bi-monthly. His name is Tina with D'girls," said Tina at Atrium Senen, Jakarta Center on Saturday (20 / 8). Tina tells how hard it brings together five different women in one group wokal D'Girls. "It's hard to unite there is a conflict, do not determine this and that. But, I dare to accept this offer only because capital is optimistic, "he said smiling.

For the election of his friends were performed screening close friends. If the audition is more to friends and the has a background dancer. It's all a management set. It's short for a single project, entitled Blind Love . Just look at the public response Honestly. If it's a nice, diterusin. " singer First Love is also never dreamed his first vocal group is going to explode . He said, " No how, where, instead of albums, singles and soundtrrack make movies. shooting has not got a long process. " Priority Tina D'Girls only work with.

The pursuit of maximum, keep practicing for the best results. Tina did not care about people talking about the Korean mendompleng Band booming. "The more diomongin rising.'s up practically important dompleng already tried. But we believe a lot of support," he explained. "It's really booming again from Korea and Japan, yes we can Referrals from them, "he added.

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