Yuni Shara-Raffi Akan Menikah

It has been more than three years Crossfade and Raffi Ahmad establish love. However, during the relationship of this 15-year age difference as undeveloped. The two lovebirds were always shy away when asked about wedding plans.

Constantly pushed, Yuni finally willing to speak bluntly about their relationship. Women from Malang, East Java, is stating very much hope to do with Raffi could lead to marriage. However, Raffi Yuni want to marry before the age of 40 years.

To achieve his dream, brother Raffi Krisdayanti ultimatum that was to take immediate decisions. "I've already aged well. I said to him, if the (married) over the age of 40, I do not know. So he want not pass 40, which will connect Yuni 40th birthday in June next year.

Yuni admitted intentionally provide time long enough to Raffi to think. Because, currently Yuni was not sure enough of the seriousness of love Raffi.

In fact, the widow of 39 years was often ask Raffi find another lover who was far younger than himself. However, Raffi continued unmoved by the story of their romance. "I like to say that looking younger," said Yuni then smiled. "Oh, it's gone, I'm looking for another . Expires so anyway," said Raffi kidding.

Yuni admitted to undergo an age relationship with Raffi adrift far enough away not easy. One of them was the family who could not accept the relationship with Raffi.

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