Foto Ustad Jeffry Al Buchori di Rumah Sakit

Ustad Jefri Al-Buchori alias Uje will likely be treated to two days ahead. That means Uje will celebrate Eid, which falls on 31 Agustis, in the hospital. In addition to celebrating the Eid in the hospital, Uje will also lose jobs. There are three events that were canceled.

For the chaplain who was familiarly called Uje, interviews for the night takbiran not just a job. But a missionary to the people. Hence, he was not feeling his heart to miss it.However, he could not do nothing but rest in order to restore the body's condition. "This is not just a job but propaganda. For this cave touch feeling to the people.

This morning the show but there's actually been canceled. Night should exist on TV One for tabligh akbar, has been canceled. However, Pipik hope Uje able to celebrate Eid with family at home. However, it must wait for permission from the hospital. doctor ordered anyway see conditions first. Because until now it still continues to dispose of waste water. As reported previously, Uje rushed to Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI) on Sunday (28 / 8) night at about 23. At 2 AM, Uje brought back home. But on Monday (29 / 8) around 12:00 Uje RSPI brought back, and if Uje News had suffered a heart ailment. But according Pipik, wife Uje, Uje just have an infection in the stomach because of irregular meals. According to doctors, Uje should be treated until the next two days.

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